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ODYSSEE-MURE project websiteEnergy efficiency indicators and measures project, started in 1993 under the coordination of ADEME. Since its launch, the project has had financial support from the European Commission through different programs such as the SAVE Program, the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Program, the Horizon 2020 Program (H2020), and more recently, since 2022 the LIFE. Throughout 16 phases, the project has been extended, currently covering a network of 34 organizations, mostly EU energy agencies, which in the last phase have been joined by 9 countries of the Energy community (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine). Spain participates through the IDAE since 1996.

The objectives of the project are to comparatively monitor the progress of Member States and the EU on energy efficiency through the use of indicators and the evaluation of energy efficiency measures. To this end, the project is based on two databases corresponding to indicators (ODYSSEE) and measures (MURE) of efficiency, based on which different tools have been developed that facilitate the analysis and monitoring of energy efficiency policies at the level of the EU. These databases, updated within the framework of the project, integrate 200 indicators, both at a global and sectoral level, and 2,700 energy efficiency measures, with wide geographical coverage.

In this new phase, lasting 30 months, progress will continue in updating and improving indicators, as well as efficiency measures, taking into account the priorities and trends of the community energy policy, and incorporating new analysis tools. . This aims to improve the availability of information and the analytical capacity of the Member States, providing them with support in meeting their obligations acquired in the context of the Energy Efficiency Directive and the National Energy and Climate Plans (PNIECs).

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