Save energy

Everything that surrounds us works thanks to energy: industries, services, public transport, the means of transport with which we move, household appliances, heating, lighting in our homes and jobs, etc.

Energy is essential and guarantees our progress and social well-being; but its indiscriminate use, especially taking into account Spain's great energy dependence, especially on fossil energy sources, has undesirable economic and environmental consequences that affect us all. Efficient and responsible consumption leads to savings on the personal bill, but also savings on the bill that the country has to pay for importing energy.

Assuming simple guidelines of conduct, each and every one of the citizens, both at home, at work and in transport, can contribute to substantially reducing our energy consumption without sacrificing comfort at all.

One of the strategic objectives of the IDAE is to reach the domestic consumer through dissemination, training and information actions so that each and every one of us becomes aware of the importance of consuming energy in the most intelligent and responsible way possible and, furthermore, without giving up comfort.