Market monitoring study of Spanish biomass

Although biomass has always been used, until recently the characteristics of the biomass market meant that there were no clear reference prices. This led to uncertainty among potential users, and also created an additional difficulty in updating prices in contracts between users and energy services companies working with biomass.

For this reason, prices in the biomass market in Spain have been monitored since mid-2014. This has been done by implementing a methodology based on surveys of various agents in the sector, as well as establishing editorial and statistical filters, that will allow periodic determination of the price of the different types of biomass used in Spain.

Within the scope of this work, quarterly reports have been made on biomass prices and quarterly comparisons of the results obtained with other similar indicators at national and international level. A summary of the results obtained for biomass prices can be consulted in Studies, reports and statistics (“Energy prices” section) on the IDAE website.