The IDAE's advice is to set your central heating so that it comes on when you are actually at home and turn it off at night when you go to bed, as while you are asleep a temperature of 15-17ºC is sufficient for comfort. You could leave it on at night with the thermostat set to 15-17ºC if you house is poorly insulated and loses a lot of heat at night. As a rule, turning the heating off at night and turning it on again for a few minutes when you get up is much more efficient than leaving it on all night.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you set your thermostat to 20-21ºC and use warm clothing when at home. Close the blinds at night to prevent heat escaping and close the curtains to prevent the glass of the windows causing a cold wall effect.

For each ºC the temperature of a building or home is increased, the energy consumption increases by 7%, as does the cost of heating and the CO2 emissions.

We recommend that you consult our guide entitled  "Guía de la energía: consumo eficiente y responsable" .


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