Studies, reports and statistics

IDAE participates in numerous initiatives to deepen knowledge of both the state of the situation and the potential for developing opportunities in the area of ​​renewable energy, new energy vectors or energy efficiency.

Likewise, it participates in the preparation of statistics, calculation of indicators and reports in the energy field for the Statistical Office of the European Union (EUROSTAT), the European Commission within the framework of the monitoring of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans, the International Energy Agency, as well as other national or international organizations with which a collaborative relationship is maintained.

IDAE has also participated for more than a decade in the ODYSSEE-MURE project, supported by the European Commission, and whose main objective is the comparative monitoring of the progress of the Member States and the EU in terms of energy efficiency through the use of indicators energy and the evaluation of energy efficiency measures.

Last News

El IDAE inicia un estudio de monitorización de la pobreza energética (The IDAE begins a study to monitor energy poverty)


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