Implementation of the first energy audits in Spanish industry.

Promotion of cogeneration as an energy efficiency technology.

Implementation of the Third-Party Financing process for energy efficiency projects and renewable energy projects.

Promotion of technological development and rapid kilns for porcelain (savings of 80%).

Promotion of the introduction of gas into Spanish industry, as a substitute for electricity in the furnaces and kilns used in the iron and steel and ceramics industries.

Participation in the first Spanish wind farms and contribution to the development of the national technology for the current generation.

Promotion of development and implementation of small hydraulic power plants, through re-development or new construction.

Promotion of innovation in the solar field with participation in refrigeration projects based on thermal solar energy, photovoltaic projects with high concentration and architectural integration and one of the first thermoelectric solar plants launched.

Developments of the successive Energy Saving and Efficiency Plan and Renewable Energies Plan.

Spending of public funds

National Energy Efficiency Fund.

ERDF funds from the Sustainable Development programme.