Training Plan for Energy Certification of Buildings

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Project description
With the aim of promoting energy efficiency in buildings, Directive 2002/91/CE and Directive 2010/31/UE require member states to establish procedures for the energy certification of buildings.

The Certification of New Buildings came into force in November 2007. The Royal Decree which will regulate existing buildings has just been approved, a key point for reducing the energy consumption in the nation’s buildings.

IDAE undertook to publish the Existing Building Energy Certification procedures (CE3X and CE3), which apply the official calculation methodology.

To support future certification experts responsible for the energy certification of existing buildings, the IDAE is developing a Training Plan focused on how to use these software programs.


Through the boards of the professional associations of which the main agents in charge of energy certification of buildings are members, the IDAE has organized “train the trainer” courses in which 260 students have participated, in order to develop specific training plans through each association.

In addition to the “train the trainer” courses, it’s estimated that the Training Plan will deliver a further 300 courses which will reach 6,000 professionals during 2013. The IDAE itself will have contributed to 50 courses, training more than 900 experts.

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