Pilot Project for electric mobility (MOVELE)

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Project description

The pilot project MOVELE is an IDAE project designed to demonstrate the technical, financial and energy viability of electric vehicles in Spain.

It was created to be a comprehensive experience which would cover aspects of the market (supply of and demand for these vehicles), development of recharging infrastructure (private and public), energy support (new tariffs and a new role in the sector – charging agent), national and international co-ordination and communication aspects (through a website which remains active throughout the duration of the project).

The project was given a budget of € 10 million from the E4’s Plan of Action 2008-2012 and has the objective of supporting the introduction of 2,000 electric vehicles, installing 550 recharging points for public use and encouraging the regulatory/legal development of measures in favour of these technologies.

The results of the pilot project MOVELE served as a base for the approval in 2010 of the Spanish Strategy for the Promotion of the Electric Vehicle 2010-2014, whose Plan of Action 2010-2012 is known as the Plan MOVELE.

It can be said that after this IDAE pilot project, and within the framework of the Strategy, a new electric mobility sector has been created in Spain with significant commercial expectations in the supply of energy to these vehicles, technological development of vehicle components, the introduction of fleets of competitive electric vehicles in certain urban services, etc…, as well as having positioned Spain among the leading countries in the promotion of this technology.

Vehículo eléctrico
Vehículo eléctrico