Photovoltaic FORUM 2004. Phase 2- Wastewater treatment plant

Showcase project.Investment

Project description

Photovoltaic solar installation connected to the national grid for the sale of electrical energy. This is phase 2 of the photovoltaic installation for FORUM 2004.  The first phase was installed above the Sailing School, this second phase is integrated into the pergola of the Besós wastewater treatment plant.

Technical data

The project is being undertaken through a Collaboration Agreement between IDAE and the City Council of Barcelona, with a maximum duration of 20 years.

IDAE is responsible for the implementation and legalisation of the installation, as well as for its subsequent operation and maintenance. Barcelona’s City Council made the pergola above the wastewater treatment plant available as a location for the installation.

Power 600 kW.I

IDAE is responsible for 100% of the investment.

Launched in 2008.

Financial and energy data

Investment made: 3.647.062 €

Income obtained in 2016: 415.338 €

Energy results 2016

Production of electrical energy:  874 MWh

Savings in CO2 emissions2: 289 tonnes CO2


The design of this installation is appropriate for any pergola structure or existing support on public or private buildings. Its design was completed with the aim of ensuring complete architectural integration. The special design of the photovoltaic modules, with two sheets of transparent glass, allows light to pass through the pergola, enabling events to take place below.

Fotovoltaica Fórum 2004 Fase II- EDAR