Institutional participation in european projects

Showcase projects. Institutional representation

Project description

The IDAE stimulates the participation of Spanish entities in the various European programmes which co-finance projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency with particular focus on the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE)


Participation, as a member of the Spanish delegation, in the programme Steering Committees which define the projects to be financed and the evaluation procedures.

Information provision and assessment of Spanish entities, as the IDAE is the national point of contact for the IEE Programme.

Organisation of promotion and dissemination activities for the various European calls for proposals.

Co-ordination with other Spanish administrative bodies to develop a common strategy

Energy and financial results

Spanish participation in European projects has notably improved in recent years, contributing to the process of internationalisation of the Spanish economy.

In the 7th Framework Programme 2007-2013, the Spanish entities which participated in energy programme projects have received 170 million euros, which represents a return of 13% on the total programme.

In the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, from 2005 to date, Spanish businesses have participated in 243 European projects with an associated subvention of 30.5 million euros.


Continuation of these actions within the new HORIZON 2020 programme and contribution to the development of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan).

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