Geothermal energy for climate control, Hospital Sant Pau

Showcase project. Investment

Project description

The “Fundación Privada Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau” (Generalitat, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona y Arzobispado) is carrying out a renovation of the whole facility, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, to host various international bodies and research entities.

The total budget is € 128 million. The IDAE and the Foundation signed a Third Party Financing contract to carry out the work of installing geothermal systems to implement the climate control mechanism for the facility’s historic buildings. The 4th phase was completed in October 2016.

Technical data

Geothermal system of very low enthalpy with vertical heat-exchangers in closed circuit and high capacity geothermal heat pumps.
Geothermal interchange with the ground using 357 shafts each of which is 120m deep.
Geothermal heat pumps (water-water) with a total power of 3,670 kW so that each building will have its own geothermal heat pump which will provide heating and cooling to the terminal units through a 4-tube system.

Financial and energy data

Investment made: € 4,170,648
IDAE maximum investment of 4.9 million euros.
Minimum profitability 4% (Euribor +1.5%)
Thermal heating and cooling demand of 4,244 MWh/year.
Bringing this equipment into operation will mean a saving of 4,200 MWh/year (180 toe/year) and 486 tCO2/year.


This project will be a global benchmark, becoming the biggest project in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe for climate control of buildings using geothermal energy.

Hospital Sant Pau
Climatización por geotermia Hospital Sant Pau