Energy monitoring by sector

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Project description

The IDAE carries out periodic Energy Monitoring studies of final consumption in the Industrial, Transport, Residential and Services sectors. In addition, it annually quantifies and analyses the contribution of renewable energy to the total energy supply.

With the preparation of these reports, it aims to update the consumption trends of the different energy sources, both renewable and conventional, to integrate these into the official statistics and facilitate the design of measures for energy saving, efficiency and diversification in all sectors.

The most recent studies undertaken of final use and renewable technologies in different subsectors include investigations of the residential sector, collective transport, heat pumps, private vehicles, the cement production sector, universities, hospitals and private offices.  These studies have included participation from the key associations and agents involved. Through them, detailed evaluations of consumption and equipment have been completed which form a baseline from which to improve the statistics and for the work of energy planning and forecasting.  In addition, the energy indicators are updated which allows the trends in energy efficiency in the final use sectors to be analysed and compared with those in other EU countries.

The renewable energy consumption and equipment studies are carried out annually with the collaboration of the Autonomous Communities. Certain studies which are more complex due to the large number of points of consumption (e.g. the residential sector, private vehicles and biomass) are undertaken every few years.


Content of the Studies

Final use sectors


Socio-economic information: percentage of GDP, employment, size of business, cost structure etc.

Energy technologies: details of the energy technologies used by the sector and sector’s forecast of future technology use.

Energy consumption: Evolution by source and total; energy consumption and ratios by unit representative of the sector.


Renewable Energy.

Compilation of the information provided by the Autonomous Communities and technology sectors.

Information processing and data cleansing.

Integration into the official statistics of final consumption.

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