Energy Labelling of vehicles

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Project description

Since 2002, IDAE has had a database which includes all the models of private car on sale in Spain classified according to their energy efficiency. In addition, the database has grown to include other vehicles which do not have a labelling obligation, such as commercial vehicles and vehicles powered by alternative technologies.

The energy classification of private cars is covered under RD 837/2002 which replaces Directive 1999/94/CE. The classification is calculated based on the comparison between the consumption of the vehicle per unit of its size compared against a measure of its size.

This type of labelling has been used in various public subsidy programmes such as the PIVE and PIMA programmes as well as in the specifications of public competitive tenders in some of Spain’s towns and cities (for example, Taxi licences).

The application to subsidy programmes of the criterion of vehicle selection based on energy classification has enabled the vehicle energy efficiency message to be spread to a wide public audience.

There are more than 15,000 models of cars and vans in the IDAE database, classified as petrol or diesel as well as other alternative technologies: electric, LPG, natural gas or biofuels.

One of the objectives for this tool is to make the comparative energy label which is managed by the IDAE obligatory in all vehicle sales/rental points, a goal which is recognised as optional by RD 837/2002.

Tráfico ciudad
Tráfico ciudad