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Project description

The “Practical Guide to Energy, efficient and responsible consumption” is a reference work for everything related to energy saving and the promotion of responsible energy consumption among the general public.

Written in plain language aimed at the general public, it has been developed by different specialists from the Institute and covers the issues which most commonly affect people: energy-saving in the home, electrical household appliances, lighting, efficient driving etc.

The “Practical Guide to Energy” is a key publication of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda and the IDAE, and one of the principal communication mechanisms for the promotion of energy saving and energy efficiency among the general public.



The Energy Guide, first published in 1994, has been updated and re-printed numerous times. To date, more than seven million copies of this publication have been printed. These have been widely distributed in Spain, both to people attending a range of events and after being expressly requested by different bodies - professional associations, schools,

consumer associations, businesses (including Coca Cola Spain and IKEA) - for use in training their members.

In 2014, the Guide was converted into a new digital format and is now available at



The Energy Guide is also a reference work in other Spanish-speaking countries such as Chile, Paraguay and Ecuador where, through the Latin-American Energy Organization (OLADE), versions of the guide have been produced which are adapted to the local situation.

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