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Energy classification of tractors

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Project description

Design of a methodology which enables the department of Agricultural Machinery (Estación de Mecánica Agrícola) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment to classify the tractors sold in Spain in terms of their energy efficiency, based on their levels of mechanical power and fuel consumption.

Since 2007, the classification, developed by a team of professors at the Higher Technical Schools of Agricultural and Industrial Engineers of Madrid, has been used to calculated the subsidies paid by the Ministry to the farmers who took part in the RENOVE tractor plan, with a subsidy of 30 euros/horsepower or 10 euros/horsepower for A or B energy ratings respectively, or in 2014 through the Environmental Impulse Plan for the renovation of agricultural tractors “PIMA Tierra” with subsidies which increase according to the classification of the energy efficiency of the new tractor at € 2,000 for class A and € 1,000 for class B.

The design of this programme began with the mechanical data of 41 models of tractor, from which an energy efficiency index was calculated based on the reports made following the regulation used in OECD code 2.
The results were tested and compared at the Ministry of Agriculture’s department of Agricultural Machinery (EMA). The methodology developed was expanded with data from 173 tractors and, later in 2014, it was applied to the labelling of all 579 models of tractor sold in Spain.

New models of tractors continue to be classified, with more than 649 models now on this dynamic list which is updated by the EMA as new tests are carried out.

Calificación energética de tractores agrícolas.
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