Cogeneration in the COVAP food factory

Showcase project. Investment

Project description

8 MW cogeneration plant project for the production of heat, cold and electricity, in COVAP, Pozoblanco.


Technical data

Instalación con dos turbinas de gas en ciclo simple para la producción de vapor saturado a 13 bar(a) y agua fría por debajo de 0°C en una máquina de absorción de simple efecto de amoníaco.

No se dispone de red de gas natural, por lo que la instalación consume GNL regasificado en una planta satélite.


Installation with two simple cycle gas turbines for the production of saturated vapour at 13 bar(a) and cold water below 0°C in a single-effect ammonia absorption machine.

There is no natural gas network available, so the installation uses liquid natural gas which is converted back to a gas in a satellite plant.


First phase: (coinciding with the launch of COVAP’s dairy industry)

Launched in 2002

SOLAR Centaur 60 gas turbine, 3.9 MW

ERGÓS recovery boiler of 20 tonnes/hour with post-combustion

Absorption machine of 1,500 kW (up to 5 tonnes/hour)


Second phase: (coinciding with the opening of a new COVAP feed factory)

Launched in 2008

SOLAR Mercury 50 gas turbine, 4.2 MW. This is a regenerative cycle turbine with high electrical output and the first of this type to be installed in Spain

ERGÓS recovery boiler of 20 tonnes/hour with post-combustion.


Energy results 2012

Production of electrical energy                 46,564 MWh
Production of thermal energy                  94,957 tonnes of vapour
Production of refrigeration energy                3,838 MWh
Saving in Primary Energy                       24,620 MWh
Saving in CO2 emissions                       4,965 tonnes


IDAE investment and expected income

The project has been undertaken through a Temporary Consortium in which IDAE is providing 75% of the investment and COVAP 25%. The participation of IDAE amounts to € 6.1 million with an expected return on investment of € 10.43 million.



The installation and operation of this project highlights the possibility of developing large industry in a zone which does not have access to natural gas and which has an unreliable electrical supply network. It is a project which is highly repeatable in the food sector in rural environments due to its provision of a guaranteed electricity supply.

Detalle caldera de recuperación en las instalaciones COVAP en Pozoblanco. Planta de cogeneración de 8MW para producción de calor, frío y electricidad
Detalle turbina de gas en las instalaciones de COVAP en Pozoblanco.