BIOMCASA II and GIT (Biomass) thermal subsidy programmes

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Project description

The Biomcasa II and GIT programmes (and the Biomcasa programme, which has now been withdrawn) financed biomass projects for thermal use in buildings or industries through the Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). They are based on the design, execution, operation, maintenance, supply of fuel and billing of services by those businesses in line with the energy supplied.

In order to participate in the programmes, interested businesses must be pre-qualified. Qualification is dependent on fulfilling certain requirements regarding technical and financial capabilities. Once pre-qualified, these businesses were able to access finance from the IDAE for their investment projects, in line with the corresponding terms and conditions, as well as being able to participate in the various dissemination activities which have taken place. 

Technical data

Businesses: 16 pre-qualified businesses

Installations: 112 approved installations

Installed power: 68.95 thermal MW

Financial and energy data

Associated investment: € 24.34 million.

Final energy consumption: 120,581 MWh/year.

Tonnes of petroleum saved: 10,368 toe/year.

CO2 saved: 31,798 tonnes/year.

Financial saving for users: € 1,610,865/year.


Biomass thermal energy installations for heating, refrigeration and hot water generation are applicable to the majority of current buildings, just as gas, oil or electricity systems might be installed. Likewise, they can be used in the industrial sector, for example in boilers, driers and ovens.

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